Development of the Agenda for Adult Learning

Development of the Agenda for Adult Learning

At the end of 2011, the European Council adopted a resolution on a renewed Agenda for Adult Learning. This resolution builds on the following statements along with others from the EU on the role of adult education:

  • “You never stop learning” (2006)
  • Action plan for adult learning – “It is never too late to learn” (2007)

Unlike the previous action plan for adult learning, the renewed European Agenda for Adult Learning refers equally to topics of education and vocational adult training/further education. 



“Adult education offers people who have been affected by unemployment, restructures and professional transitions the opportunities to gain higher qualifications and retrain. At the same time, adult education also makes an important contribution to social integration, active citizenship and personal development.”

The renewed European Agenda for Adult Learning has been established over a longer period of time as an action plan – up to 2020. The announcement of its content will be supported across Europe by National Coordination Offices.

In 2014, the European Commission set up an online platform for promoting professional interaction, searching for project partners and supporting professional discussion: EPALE. For this online platform, a library function with the most important EU documents on adult education is also currently in development.